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Dr. Cris Cruz Colon

“This man never gave up on me. My whole world opened up.”

In 2014 after she had her cataract surgery, Diana’s doctor noticed a rise in her IOP (intraocular pressures). A year later, because of her IOP, she was referred to see Dr. Cruz Colon, a glaucoma sub-specialist at our office who specializes in patients with severe glaucoma. Like many patients with severe glaucoma, Diana was prescribed 3 different… Read More


Dr. William Trattler concludes an amazing 2nd Annual Advanced Refractive Congress in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Our very own Dr. William Trattler is part of the Organizing Committee for the Advanced Refractive Congress which took place this year in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend – Friday, July 28-Sunday, July 30th. The ARC is a unique, specialized symposium based on a strong foundation of science. The goals are to share the latest… Read More