Quality Vision CareFor Miami


“I underwent PRK laser vision correction surgery September 2013. Dr. Kaiser went through the procedure with me; from removing the outer corneal surface, the actual laser treatment and the healing process. I expected my recovery time to be several weeks to months and so far I am extremely satisfied with the results. To be honest, I was a bit timid about actually undergoing this surgery as I have read online about peoples experience’s with PRK. After reading information, listening to the coordinator and staff, I was more at ease and was knowledgeable on what to expect before, during and after my PRK surgery. I had a wonderful outcome…I don’t miss those old glasses one bit!”

Silvana Ooten

“My experience could not have been better. I cannot believe I waited nearly 10 years. From my first call with Angela arranging my visit from overseas, to the incredibly friendly staff each visit and Dr. Spektor driving me back to the hotel post operation! I just had my 30 day post operative check up and my sight is 20/15 – I didn’t know it could be better than 20/20 – simply incredible. I have recommended you to all my friends.”

Tim Rossiter

“I am delighted with my results. Being a physician, I researched the best centers and surgeons in the field of laser vision correction. My research led me to Dr.
Kaiser and he lived up to his reputation. The pre-operative planning, procedure and the post operative period were handled beautifully. Dr. Kaiser personally followed my care through every step of the way. I would highly recommend the Center For Excellence in Eye Care and Dr. Kaiser to anyone seeking this miraculous procedure. “

Ricardo Reyes, MD

“So I did my Lasik at Center for Excellence in Eye Care at Baptist. What a great experience. I now have 20/20 and it is bound to get better once I heal. My Doctor was Dr. Gaston Lacayo III and the right hand of the operation that made everything perfect was Angela Hatfield. Impressive way they run their business. I highly recommend you get it done if you are a candidate. Lacayo Rocks!”

Wilfredo Reguera

“Best experience I have ever had!! Dr. Spektor, Angela, Ingrid and the rest of the team are personable, charismatic and genuine, caring people. They walked me through my entire iLASIK procedure. I now have outstanding 20/15 vision after 20 years of contacts and glasses!! So ecstatic with my results and I highly recommended not only many of my friends, whom are all now interested but also anyone else researching as well! Thanks again everyone!!!”

Christina Moore

“The comforting professional attitude of Dr. Spektor and staff made for an extremely positive experience, with excellent results. I have recommended LASIK to many of my friends and colleagues and they have all had similar experiences with Dr. Spektor.”

Jonathan A. Fialkow, MD

“LASIK surgery was great for me because it allowed me to play physical sports without my glasses and have excellent vision. I also have excellent vision for all my day to day activities, including doing complex cardiac procedures, such as coronary stenting.”

Ray Lloret, MD

“I was treated like a queen – excellent. I cannot even describe how wonderful Dr. Kaiser is and has continued to be. Everyone, not only his nursing staff, smiled and was so very helpful…This has been the best experience of my life.”

Jennie Stull

“The money spent on my LASIK surgery was the best ever spent!! I am so thrilled to wake up and see the alarm clock in the morning. Having dry eyes – contact lenses always made my eyes very dry; hence, a bottle of eye drops everywhere – in the car, purse, nightstand, bathroom, and kitchen. I highly encourage everyone I talk to, that is thinking about having it done, to ‘do it’! I’ve suffered from very poor vision since I was 11. To be able to swim, jetski, snorkel and not worry about contacts and still be able to see is AWESOME! Dr. Buznego also was very informative and compassionate. His staff were all wonderful and helped me make an educated decision.”

Yvonne De Cespedes

“Dr. Simon is an amazing doctor!!  He has not only been my doctor since I was a baby and operated on me 5 times for other unrelated eye issues but now at 30, he also did LASIK on my Left Eye 2 months ago.  My vision in my right eye wasn’t so bad, so we did one to see the outcome first.  As a result, I no longer wear contacts or glasses for either eye, and I couldn’t be happier.  Completely worth every penny!! THANK YOU!!”

Yani Gonzalez

“I was amazed at how quick, painless, and effective the surgery was. It has changed my life in so many ways. Dr. William Trattler is truly the best! I went from having problems with my contacts to now being carefree.”

Leslie Grappel

“Dr. Richard Simon performed the LASIK procedure on me for hyperopia on May 19, 1999. I had worn tri-focal glasses full time before then. LASIK has eliminated my use of glasses. I sincerely recommend Dr. Simon and his team of professionals.”

Oliver Winslow, MD