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Contact Lenses

woman putting in contact lens

There are many types of contact lenses, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Every eye is unique with different levels of dryness, refractive error and best corrected visual acuity.

There are several reasons wearing contact lenses may be beneficial including the following:

  • High prescription glasses may be uncomfortable to wear because they are very thick and heavy
  • The frames of glasses might obstruct some peripheral vision
  • Contact lenses are a great option for sports or social events

Soft Contact Lenses

There are different contact lens options including daily disposable, bi-weekly and monthly replacement soft contact lenses. Some patients wear single vision contact lenses, while others might wear multifocal contact lenses or monovision (one eye for distance and one for near) depending on the person’s prescription. There are also sport contact lenses available to enhance visual performance (Altius daily disposables).

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses are made of slightly flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the eyes. They usually have a smaller diameter than soft contact lenses, making it at times easier to insert than traditional soft contact lenses. High myopes may benefit from these types of lenses.

Myopia Control

There are contact lens options for myopia control for children available. Potential patients need a comprehensive eye exam to determine if they are a candidate.

Contact lenses are medical devices. Wearing contact lenses carries the risk of infection, scarring and permanent vision loss. It is important to not sleep in contacts or wear them past their FDA approved wearing schedule to minimize these risks. Call us today at 305-598-2020 or schedule an appointment to review your options.