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What is the Light Adjustable Lens? Frequently Asked Questions From the First in South Florida

Frequently Asked Questions about the Light Adjustable Lens

We recently shared that we were the first to debut the Light Adjustable Lens in South Florida. Since this is such new technology, we would like to share from our experience with the lens, what makes this technology different, great, and what patients should know.

Question: What makes the technology different from a regular intraocular lens?

Answer: The light adjustable lens is a high definition intraocular lens that lets patients experience their new vision following cataract surgery. Adjustments can be made to fine tune and optimize the vision – whether the patient wants exceptional vision for distance, wonderful vision for near, or a combination.

Question: What is different “after”…are there more post ops?

Answer: Patients wear UV Protective glasses (which we provide) during the first 4-6 weeks following surgery. The number of postop visits varies – and may be more – depending on the number of adjustments required. Once a final happy visual result has been achieved, there is a final visit where the lens undergoes a final “Lock In” to permanently maintain the power of the lens.

Question: How many postoperative visits are typically needed?

Answer: Patients need to be seen on the same day or one day after cataract surgery. A second visit is typically scheduled the week after surgery. Three to four weeks after surgery, the light treatment visits can start. The average number of light treatment visits is 3. Typically, by 5-6 weeks post-op, the lens is locked in, and people no longer need to wear the UV protective glasses.

Question: When did CEEC debut the Light Adjustable Lens Technology in South Florida?

Answer: We were the first to debut the LAL technology South of Orlando/Tampa. The first case was January 9, 2020. *see photo below

Question: What are ideal patients for the technology?

Answer: People who want the best precision possible and do not mind wearing UV protective glasses (which we provide) until it is time to adjust and lock-in their vision. This is especially good for patients who desire optimized vision for distance or near, or desire monovision or blended vision, in which one eye sees well at distance, and the other is focused to intermediate or near vision. And if you’re not sure about monovision, but want to try it without your cataracts blurring your vision, the adjustability allows the monovision to generally be placed and/or reversed.

Question: Why would I select the Light Adjustable Lens over other intraocular lens options?

Answer: It lets patients try out their new vision in an adjustable fashion, and optimize their final visual outcome.

If you are interested in finding out whether you are a candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens, please call our office at 305-598-2020 and schedule an evaluation with one of the surgeons at CEEC who offers this technology today!

*Dr. William Trattler and team after implanting the first Light Adjustable Lens in South Florida on January 9, 2020