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Lost Contact Lens Stories from OUR office!

Continuing to pay tribute to Contact Lens Health, here are some REAL stories from our office:

Good at Numbers (by Frank Spektor, MD)

33 years ago, a patient with very deep-set eyes showed up to our office and complained to me about some mucus discharge coming from his eyes. 

This patient was a contact lens wearer who stated that he frequently lost his contact lenses and by his own count must have “seven” under his eyelid.

Of course, I laughed and the patient laughed.

After having a good chuckle with this patient, I shockingly proceeded to remove exactly 7 mucus-coated contact lenses from under this patient’s eyelid!!!

Just your Typical Story (by Carolina Pedroletti, OD)

I had a Patient who suffered from dry eye, and was using the contact lens as a bandage lens.  She came in with vague complaints of discomfort, not seeing well.  She was not very symptomatic, just like a typical patient would be. 

Probably because she is so used to suffering from dry eye symptoms as many contact lens wearers are.

When I examined her, I noticed that she had a little bit of discharge and decided to look a little deeper.

Sure enough, I took out three daily disposables.

Who knows how long they’d been in there. 

Some people are more prone to these issues.  Deep eyelid sulcus are most cases I’ve seen, but this does not happen extremely often.

As we stated in our last blog during contact lens health week, please call our office if you have any strange eye symptoms, or have lost a contact lens.  Our specialists have a lot of experience with this, and these are only 2 stories out of hundreds to share with you! Call us today at 305-598-2020 to schedule your exam!