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Do you give your child an iPad? Could this affect their health? Dr. Richard Simon interviewed by PBS on Baptist Health Channel

Dr. Richard Simon was interviewed just a few weeks ago by PBS on the Baptist Health Channel.

His interview covers so many incredible topics that we are asked by our patients everyday.  It begins with what technology has caused us…”Computer Vision Syndrome” or “CVS” which is something the majority of our patients have suffered symptoms of.

One very interesting part of his interview as our Pediatric Strabismus Specialist was the portion about children and the use of iPads.

Dr. Simon covers the Symptoms of CVS (and trust us you will see several you’ve had!), the Treatment of CVS and ALL of the following items:

  • Side effects of screen time on the eyes
  • What do iPads do to children?
  • What do iPads and bright mobile phones do to us adults?
  • How Often should I get an Eye Exam?
  • When should you take your Child for an Eye Exam?
  • If a family member has had glaucoma, when should you start getting checked?
  • What are some Preventative Measures for healthy eyes?
  • What does Ultraviolet light do to your eyes?
  • Can some foods help your eyes?  (Hint: not carrots)
  • Does smoking actually hurt your eyes?
  • Cataracts – they’re normal? (#1 cause of blindness in the WORLD & why?)
  • What is a Cataract? What does it look like? What causes it? How do we treat it?
  • Best Candidates for Cataract Surgery
  • LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery – who is the best candidate?
  • I had LASIK (Dr. Simon himself)
  • Why a 58 year old will not be a candidate – what can we do?
  • What do we do during LASIK?
  • What is “All Laser LASIK”?
  • What should I demand when I go to have LASIK?
  • Technologies at our office – The Center for Excellence in Eye Care

Did you know what the top fears people have in life are?  Cancer is #1, and Blindness is #2!!

Such interesting facts were shared throughout this interview.  We also have a guest debut by another one of our ophthalmologists, Dr. Gaston Lacayo (check out minute 40:00) sharing interesting facts about Cataract Surgery and success rates!

We are pretty sure Dr. Simon missed his calling as a professor (and maybe a comedian) after watching this.

However, we are very happy he chose to take the route he did, as he is now an incredible surgeon at our practice, The Center for Excellence In Eye Care.

We guarantee that you will find at least one answer to a question you have had in the past about your vision or your eyes by watching this. ANY questions about your eyes being tired or if you have headaches and wonder if they come from all your screens…you will learn it here!

Call us today if you would like to learn more about your options or if you would like an evaluation at our office with Dr. Richard Simon at 305-598-2020.