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Dr. William Trattler wins Founder’s Award for CEDARS & ASPENS ophthalmic organizations. Changing cornea & refractive surgery!

It is a very special time for one of our world renowned corneal subspecialists at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care, Dr. William Trattler.

Dr. Trattler has just been presented with the CEDARS / ASPENS Founders Award.

Trattler Founders Award CEDARS ASPENS Dec 2016 (002)

Only a couple years ago, Dr. Trattler was involved in the beginnings of both of these societies, who have since merged since their inception.

CEDARS/ASPENS is a not-for-profit Society of anterior segment surgeon educators whose mission is to expand the knowledge of ophthalmic surgery and foster excellence in patient care through clinical experience, peer-to-peer exchange and practice education. In partnership with the medical community, CEDARS/ASPENS defines and shapes the future of corneal, cataract, and refractive management through Innovation, Collaboration, and Education.

When he formed CEDARS & ASPENS, Dr. Trattler had a vision.

It’s a vision that goes with what he feels the strongest about every day he sees patients. Dr. Trattler is always looking for the most cutting edge, future moves for ophthalmology, and specifically cornea and refractive surgery. Medical societies like Cedars and Aspens are so needed and helpful in every specialty. How else does medicine progress?

It’s very easy for doctors to sit back and do what they have always done. It’s very different when a physician with a busy practice takes the effort, time out of their practice to travel the world to different conferences where cutting edge trials and research are being shared. It’s very different when a physician gets involved in clinical trials, offering their patients procedures and options not available anywhere else, and it’s even bigger when that physician starts or leads a new clinical trial. Because he has done all of these things and more, for various procedures including corneal collagen crosslinking, Dr. Trattler saw something he had that perhaps other corneal surgeons may want to share in. His relationships with other corneal surgeons that had the same passions and suffered the same roadblocks that he did.

And just like that, Cedars and Aspens was born. Among the current members, you will read some other superstar names that have been involved in late breaking developments in ophthalmology. Dr. Carlos Buznego, another superstar in our practice, is also a member.

Today, we want to congratulate Dr. Trattler for something we don’t usually talk about. We usually congratulate him on the amazing patient care and outcomes he provides our patients every day and how he heals corneal issues, diseases, etc. However, today, Congratulations Dr. Trattler on being a pioneer. A true founder. You are leading the way for so much and we all feel very lucky you to work by your side!

If you or a loved one are interested in LASIK or other refractive surgery procedure, or if you yourself suffer from dry eye or another corneal issue, don’t hesitate and call us today for an appointment with Dr. Trattler at 305-598-2020!

Trattler Beckman Sheri Rowen CEDARS Founders Award Dec 2016 (002)

Cedars & Aspens Members. From left to right: Dr. Sheri Rowen, Dr. Trattler and Dr. Ken Beckman