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Dr. William Trattler is named in the 2016 Top 100 List of Powerful People in Ophthalmology!

We are speechless and BEYOND PROUD.

Congratulations to our very own Dr. William Trattler for being named one of the TOP 100 Most Powerful people in Ophthalmology in 2016! This list names some incredible surgeons and we knew our Dr. Trattler was a big deal…seeing him on this list makes it known to the rest of the world!

This list is put together to name and recognize the Top 100 most influential people in the world of Ophthalmology.

I mean…we knew he was awesome…but interested in the reasons he was named? We believe that besides being an innovator and a researcher, Dr. Trattler is a phenomenal surgeon. He is constantly sought out by new device companies to help them research or decide what they should work on to improve their ideas. He himself is always aware of what is next in ophthalmology, what we have to look forward to, and what we need to look out for. An ophthalmologist who is truly on the edge of every breakthrough and wanting to know more. A surgeon like this, is definitely a powerful one. We truly feel that this honor could not have gone to anybody better.

Our sincerest Congratulations go out today to Dr. Trattler. We hope he truly feels how much of a difference he makes daily in the lives of his patients, his partners, but also, in the field of ophthalmology in general! BIG stuff!

Click this link for the full list!

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