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Dr. William Trattler Joins OWL Board – Named as Membership Advisor

Breaking News! William B. Trattler, MD, has been named to the Board of OWL as Membership Advisor. OWL which stands for: Ophthalmic Women’s Leaders has asked our very own Director of Cornea, Dr. Trattler, to join their organization as membership advisor to the Membership Committee.

Dr. Trattler has been honored and awarded within ophthalmology plenty of times but this is a special honor to be named by this special female ophthalmology group trying to build leadership and spread the word to diversify their organization.

As stated by the OWL President, Heather Ready, in this article: “We have been fortunate to see our membership grow every year, and I am thrilled to work with Bill to continue to grow and diversify the organization.”

We are so proud of Dr. Trattler and all of his achievements and feel lucky to have him as part of our everyday superstar team here at the Center for Excellence. If you would like an evaluation with Dr. Trattler today for cataract, LASIK, or any other corneal condition, please call us at our Miami office today! 305-598-2020

To read the full article please click on this link: eyewiretoday.com/2016/03/15/michael-onuscheck-and-erin-schall-horn-join-owls-board-of-directors

Dr. William Trattler Joins OWL Board - Named as Membership Advisor