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“Every morning a flock of birds flies by my window…I can now see the feathers on their wingtips” – 1 day after Surgery with Frank Spektor MD

Mr. Ross was patiently sitting in the exam chair waiting for Dr. Spektor the day after his surgery last week.

When Dr. Spektor walked in, he stood up and asked him for a favor. “Can I give you a big hug?” he asked.

After Dr. Spektor gladly hugged Mr. Ross, he shared an amazing story with us. We hear a ton of wonderful success stories after Cataract Surgery, but some of them really touch our hearts and we love to share them with everyone who may be suffering from poor vision or cataract symptoms.

Mr Ross shared:

“Every morning a flock of birds flies by my window. I could barely see them before. I can now see the feathers on their wingtips.”

When Dr. Spektor shared the story with us, we reached out to Mr. Ross to ask him to share how he felt. This was what he told us:

“I can’t speak highly enough of the results or Dr. Spektor and his team. He is a super doctor and his team really knows what they are doing. I couldn’t see out of my left eye. I got a notice telling me my license was expiring on May 8th. I was petrified of having to take an eye test. When I looked at the big eye chart with the big E, all I could read was 2 lines.”

“The day after surgery, I was reading 7 lines and we called it a day right there. It was like a miracle. I can’t be more thankful!”

Thank you for sharing your Laser Cataract Success Story with us Mr. Ross. We wish you the best with your vision and hope you enjoy more than just the birds outside your window now!