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Glaucoma and Cataracts Treated At The Same Time by Dr. Carlos Buznego, MD and the iStent Device!

We are so proud to report that our very own Dr. Carlos Buznego was featured in Baptist Health’s featured article. Click on the link and watch this video to learn more about how glaucoma can now be treated during cataract surgery using an implantable device that is as small as the numbers of the date on a penny! It is officially the smallest, surgically implantable device in the world and it is here at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care in Miami, FL.


Cataracts and glaucoma are two eye conditions that often occur at the same time, most commonly in people over the age of 60. Patients now have a surgical option that can take care of both conditions in just a matter of minutes, and it comes in the form of the world’s smallest surgically implantable device. It’s the iStent, a device placed in the eye during cataract surgery. The iStent improves the outflow of fluid from the eye to help control eye pressure.

The Baptist Health South Florida news team was there as Carlos Buznego, M.D., an ophthalmic surgeon with the Center for Excellence in Eye Care at the Medical Arts Surgery Center at Baptist Hospital, performed the procedure. Watch it now!