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“Laser Cataract Surgery was the first surgery of my entire life” – Patient Experience

Ms. Frazier volunteers at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami as she always likes to be outside. She is extremely active and has actually always considered herself to border on a more holistic way of treating her health. She never took pills unless she had to.

“I had never had surgery ever in my whole life. I had 3 kids naturally, no surgery at all until now! I am a big believer in “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

Until her vision started to go…

Ms. Frazier started to notice that things weren’t the same as she played golf with people older than her who didn’t need glasses. The worse part was, she was extremely sensitive to the glare off of car headlights at night, which made her extremely uncomfortable and too scared to drive at all after sunset.

As someone very social, this was extremely difficult.

She remembers having to stay home or actually waiting for someone to “offer” to pick her up since she did not want to ever ask for that favor.

She would have her children drive her many times and in the event of an emergency, she would take back roads. This was so sad for us to hear, as we know all the things she must have missed out on while sitting at home.

What is truly scary about this is the fact that MANY cataract patients are faced with this circumstance on the road.

Ms. Frazier came to see Dr. Kaiser and he evaluated her cataracts. He recommended Toric lenses. She scheduled her first eye cataract surgery and was completely thrilled. She remembers the jokes going on while she was in the operating room and specifically what happened after surgery.

“I was reading the manufacturing labels on the gurneys and all of the signs in the hospital!!”

When she came in for her post op the next day, the technicians explained that her recovery was extremely quick for most patients so to please understand that it may not always be so incredible! After eye #2 she remembers being a little blurry but she thanked the technician for her honest opinion on recovery time which made her not nervous or scared when it came to post ops for round 2.

We are very conscious of how we train our technicians, assistants and nurses. We are aware that they spend a lot of time with our patients and have a lot of influence on how they feel about their progress, etc.

Shortly after surgery #2, Ms. Frazier was 20/20 in both eyes.

Her only complaint was during the post op period: “The worst thing was I wasn’t allowed to sweat. I like to be outside and I am not used to being a princess.”

Ms. Frazier quickly got to the point where she could sweat and was over the moon excited about her results from the first surgery she ever went in her entire life.

“I love driving at night!”

We are so happy we were part of Ms. Frazier’s experience and that Dr. Kaiser and all the staff had such an amazing influence on her vision and her life.

If you or a loved one suffers from blurry vision, or if you have been diagnosed with a cataract, please call us at 305-598-2020 and come in for an evaluation soon! For more info on Toric lenses and other lenses please visit our Cataract Center on our website and click on Premium Lens Implant Options.