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I can’t see my computer: A personal story about Laser Cataract Surgery

It was by chance that Ms. Ellen Raskin found us.

She was at a completely different appointment on a completely different floor of the building. She got in the elevator to leave when someone stopped the elevator and got off on the 4th floor of the Baptist Medical Arts East Tower. The doors opened and Ellen saw it was an eye doctor’s office so she decided she would get out and make an appointment.

Her vision had been changing constantly, everything seemed to be getting blurrier and blurrier, but the worst part was her computer. She couldn’t see it well anymore.

Ellen made an appointment with Dr. Charles Kaiser. He told her she had a cataract but they would monitor it, and at her 6 month follow up, Dr. Kaiser asked if she was ready for surgery. She replied with “yes, not in a month or two, but next week.”

Dr. Kaiser knew Ellen needed it, so he fit her into his surgery schedule. The day finally came and she remembers there were the nicest people in the surgery center downstairs, from her nurse to everyone that attended to her, she felt cared for. Anesthetic drops were placed in her eyes to numb them and the surgery staff placed her under the laser.

Ellen got to experience the new femtosecond laser for cataract surgery that everyone has been hearing about and everyone wants.

She claims she was not nervous at all. “I wore contact lenses since I was 15 because I didn’t want to wear glasses. The last one and a half years I’ve been in glasses because my vision had been changing and had gotten so bad. I was ready to get rid of those glasses.”

She remembers Dr. Kaiser started the laser procedure and she was moved, but a few minutes later, she was all done. She felt no discomfort. Ellen came in to see Dr. Kaiser the next day for her post op and asked him “when’s the next one?” Two weeks later, she had her second eye done.

The next day, she was on her computer and she could read at a normal distance. At day one post op of her second eye, her first eye was 20/20!

“The street signs were so clear, the colors were so much brighter!!” She had vision at a further distance than she could remember.

Although Ms. Raskin’s experience sounds incredible, we have heard reactions like these time and time again after cataract surgery. As cataracts develop, the clouding of your lens causes the colors you see to appear dull little by little and you are unaware of how dull those colors really are.

We hear “the green of the leaves is so green now!” and “this feels like high definition vision!”

We are overjoyed at the experience that Ellen had and so excited that she has shared it with us. We know how major an eye surgery sounds to you and we know that hearing about it from an actual patient means so much more than when your doctor explains it.

Dr. Kaiser and all the doctors at our center want to help patients like Ellen see crisper, clearer and brighter colors. Most importantly, we want to help patients like Ellen see things that are important to them, like their computer.

We know that day to day, you want to read the news, you want to email your friends, you want to see pictures of your children.

Call us if your vision is blurry today at 305-598-2020 and let Dr. Charles Kaiser or any doctor at our center help you achieve better vision.