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The First 2 surgeons in South FL to use exciting new technology for Cataract Surgery: Dr. Carlos Buznego & Dr. William Trattler!

Last week marked a BIG milestone for us at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care.

Two of our surgeons became the first surgeons in South Florida to use the TrueVision and i-Optics/Cassini systems during cataract surgery. These systems working together make cataract surgery more precise. Dr. Carlos Buznego and Dr. William Trattler both got to experience this and treat their patients with the latest in ophthalmic technology!

During cataract surgery, the surgeon will remove the cataract and replace it with a new intraocular lens (otherwise known as an IOL or implant).

With many patients who suffer from having an astigmatism (very common), there is the very popular option of going with what is known as a TORIC IOL or implant. When a cataract surgeon implants a toric IOL, the accurate degree and magnitude of astigmatism that a patient has plays a VERY important part in the correct positioning of the lens during surgery.

The Cassini system which serves as a new topographer captures the patient’s exam before surgery (preoperatively). The Cassini system’s patented measurement rules will measure the axis and magnitude of a patient’s astigmatism precisely. The exam that was captured before surgery is then transmitted to the OR (operating room) the day of surgery. When the patient is finally in the OR having surgery, the toric lens alignment is superimposed onto the viewing screen in the OR (as you see below!).

The TrueVision system allows for doctors to use the goggles (you can see them on Dr. Bill Trattler below) to view the surgery as opposed to having to look through a microscope which is what has been required for years and years!!!

(Dr, William Trattler viewing surgery with goggles)

(Dr, William Trattler viewing surgery with goggles)

(Dr. Buznego viewing surgery with goggles)

(Dr. Buznego viewing surgery with goggles)

The future is here!

Why would you choose to trust your eyes to someone who does not have the latest technology available?

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(Image Captured During Dr. Carlos Buznego's surgery)

(Image Captured During Dr. Carlos Buznego’s surgery)