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Dr. Buznego & Justin Timberlake

Dr. Buznego’s magazine debut pic and Justin Timberlake’s album cover….COINCIDENCE?! We think not!

Dr. Carlos Buznego was featured in 100 Latinos magazine last month (as reported in our earlier blog) and Justin Timberlake released his brand new album “The 20/20 Experience” last week on March 19th. We are pretty sure JT was paging through the mag and couldn’t get Dr. B’s image out of his head.

Hey, even if you don’t believe us, JT’s album sold 968,000 copies in its first week! This is Timberlake’s second No. 1 album and his best sales week yet. We think the idea for the album cover image had a lot to do with it. Image is everything!

Speaking of which, if you are ready to get rid of glasses, come see Dr. Buznego for a free LASIK consultation. He can help!

Congrats on being such a fashionable inspiration Dr. Buznego!