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Dr. Andrew Schimel is interviewed on local 88.9 FM about macular degeneration

Our very own Dr. Andrew Schimel was interviewed on Miami’s local jazz station 88.9 FM yesterday! He spoke about the retina, macular degeneration, risk factors and symptoms of retinal disease.

Before the interview began, Dr. Schimel wowed everyone at the radio station with his piano playing skills! Who knew your retina doctor could play the piano and the guitar?! We didn’t know until yesterday!!


The interview covered different parts of eye health, mostly regarding the retina. It caught the attention of 4 callers who called in with their own retina questions. Dr. Schimel explained how smoking and genetics both play into the risk of a patient suffering from macular degeneration. He also talked about important symptoms that patients should look out for. Flashes and floaters are the symptoms that someone gets when in danger of a retinal detachment.


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