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Why Choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons receive full ophthalmology training first, then go on to receive two years of additional training in eyelid, eye socket, and lacrimal surgery.

Two-year fellowships accredited by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are among the most coveted and competitive in the country, as only about 25 positions are available yearly.

Because they are trained to care for both eyelids and eyeballs, oculoplastic surgeons are uniquely capable of managing any complications of eyelid surgery. Indeed, when eyelid surgeries go wrong, patients will eventually be sent to an oculoplastic surgeon.

While several types of surgeons can perform cosmetic eyelid surgery, including general plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, general ophthalmologists, and even dermatologists, no one has the same expertise with eyelids as oculoplastic surgeons.

By choosing an oculoplastic surgeon for your eyelid surgery, you are choosing a true eyelid expert.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lee is an amazing surgeon and extremely professional. I was so self-conscious about my eyelids. They were severely retracted and giving me a constant wide-eyed look. Dr. Lee corrected this issue and honestly, I feel like a new person and look younger too! (Lid Retraction repair)

This surgery has made a big difference in my self-image. Before, I looked tired and older…now, I see better and I look refreshed. Thanks, Dr. Lee! You have been very thorough in your explanations of the symptoms and surgery process.
–S.B. (Unilateral Ptosis)

This procedure was one of the best decisions I made. Dr. Lee was very thorough and professional. Would recommend this center to anyone. – Anonymous

Wonderful experience! Dr. Lee and his staff are very professional and caring. I was very happy with the results. In fact, I am considering doing upper lids now. –H.S.

My vision is now greatly improved. My husband says I look 10 years younger. –M.M. (Ptosis and Blepharoplasty)

I’m very pleased with the results of my surgery. I look refreshed but still like “me”. – Anonymous

Before, people would always ask me if I was tired or if I had cried because of the puffiness around my eyes. Now, people just ask me what I have done that I look so fresh, but they do not notice that I had surgery!! –E.D.

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to recommend Dr. Lee to anyone considering eyelid surgery. Dr. Lee explained in detail, with a great deal of honesty, exactly what he would be able to accomplish with the surgery. I remember feeling totally confident from the first visit to the last. His excellent credentials and results speak for themselves. It is an honor to have had my surgery with this remarkable doctor. Thanks again, Dr. Lee. – M.B. (Blepharoplasty)

I would recommend Dr. Lee without reservation. My surgery was a complete success and the results were excellent. He is professionally skilled and cares about his patients. – J.G. (Unilateral Ptosis)

As a first time patient, certainly concerned about the before and after effects, I can say that Dr. Lee took the time to discuss on several occasions the details of the procedure he was expected to undertake. He spoke of all the particulars that would make the intervention safe and rewarding. But the most important part of Dr. Lee’s intervention is not about what he said, but about what he didn’t say. It was about the patience he needed to deal with a person like me and about the kindness that is necessary to make such a procedure a success. It is about what makes the difference between a doctor and a person that besides being a great doctor understands and cares for people’s thoughts and concerns. I would not hesitate to use Dr. Lee at any time in the future. -A.S. (Asian Blepharoplasty)

A fellow board member stated that I looked 20 years younger. –Charles A. Whitcomb (Blepharoplasty)

I am extremely happy with the surgery Dr. Lee performed on my upper eyelids. His concern for the patient and extensive knowledge is above and beyond what was expected. – Anonymous

I’m extremely pleased with the results of my eyelid surgery. It was completely painless and recovery went very smoothly. Dr. Lee is a wonderful surgeon and took great care of me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is considering eyelid surgery. -Gloria Menendez

Dr. Lee did both of my upper eyelids. The results were immediate and my vision was greatly improved. Dealing with the doctor and his staff was a pleasure. They were not only professional but courteous and understanding. –Paul Shepard (Blepharoplasty)

I am extremely pleased with the results of my eye surgery. It was an easy procedure, and I could not believe how much of a difference it made in my appearance. I wish I had done it sooner! (Unilateral Ptosis)

I am extremely proud of the surgery and I would highly recommend anyone with the same condition to proceed with Dr. Junhee Lee, he is truly a master! –M.L.

I was rubbing my eyes constantly to get relief. It was uncomfortable for me to keep my eyes open while driving. Dr. Lee operated on my eyes, and I have gotten relief. Thank you, Dr. Lee. (BLL Entropion)

After doing my surgery I have a much better visual field and feel much better about my image. If you are considering having an operation for ptosis of your eyelid, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Junhee Lee. I highly recommend him. His surgical expertise and caring manner are exceptional. –B.W. (Ptosis)

I am very happy with my surgery and the way I was treated. You are an excellent doctor and it was a pleasure meeting you. –Maria More

Very happy with results, glad I had it done. Dr. Lee was great. – Anonymous

Prior to the surgery, I had issues with my field of vision. My eyes were constantly tired and teary. I had the surgery six years ago and I have no visible scars and all my symptoms are gone. Thank you, Dr. Lee! G.P. (BUL Blepharoplasty)

My vision has improved and I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone interested in this procedure- Anonymous The procedure performed by Dr. Lee was painless, the recovery time was minimal, left only a small scar, and produced excellent results. He is a very caring doctor who provides a wonderful quality of service. N.C.

Dr. Junhee Lee is the best oculoplastic surgeon. He performed excellent surgery on me, considering that I am an older lady with diabetes. Thank God everything went perfectly. V.B. (Bilateral Ptosis)

I was very pleased with the procedure Dr. Lee performed on my eyes, the staff was great and very helpful. – Roberto Barrabeitg

Excellent doctor and staff treatment. [They provided] follow up calls to check on my healing process. I am very satisfied with the results. – A.D. (Ptosis and Blepharoplasty)

I am very, very pleased with the treatment and the results. Irma Menendez (Quad Blepharoplasty)

Very happy with results, glad I had it done. Dr. Lee was great. – Anonymous