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Narrow Angle Glaucoma

Much less common is narrow-angle glaucoma.  Narrow-angle glaucoma is seen more often in hyperopic eyes which are usually shorter eyes.

The angle of the eye refers to the angle formed by the edge of the iris and the cornea.  At the end of the angle there is a drain, not unlike the drain of a sink.  The angle can become progressively narrow over time for a variety of reasons.  If the angle becomes narrow, the fluid in the eye has difficulty getting to the drain, fluid builds up, and the pressure rises.  The high pressure from narrow-angle glaucoma will cause permanent and irreversible damage over time.  

The biggest risk for patients with narrow angles is the possibility of the angle becoming totally closed, which is called acute angle-closure.  This is a medical emergency and a patient suffering from acute angle-closure usually experiences symptoms such as eye pain, headache, and blurred vision.  This can be prevented, if picked up early enough, by laser treatment to make a secondary opening (Laser P.I.).   Your doctor can tell you if you are at risk.  

Please watch the video below for further explanation and a visual representation of Narrow Angle Glaucoma:

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