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LASIK didn’t work. Now Cataract Surgery? I think this is gonna work!

Mr. Pedro Valdes had LASIK 20 years ago that didn’t work.

He explained this to us as he became apprehensive when Dr. Kaiser told him he had to have another laser eye surgery, this time a cataract procedure.

What Mr. Valdes remembers about LASIK is that he never ended up getting out of glasses, which was the main reason for LASIK in the first place! Not only did he not get rid of his glasses but he ended up suffering from severe dry eye symptoms which led him to have to spend a lot of extra money on expensive eye drops, one bottle a week adding up to a significant amount of money he did not have to pay for before LASIK.

2 years ago he started to notice that his vision was not the same and he was diagnosed with a cataract. Dr. Kaiser kept an eye on his cataract every few months until it was time.

By the time he came to see Dr. Kaiser this year, he noticed he could not read the signs while driving on the expressway. Most importantly, he explained to us that if his wife were six feet in front of him he would not be able to recognize her.

Not nervous at all about the actual surgery procedure but very understandably afraid of how he was going to come out of it vision-wise, Mr. Valdes went in for his laser cataract procedure with Dr. Kaiser.

He told us, 2 days after surgery he awoke to his digital alarm clock. He explained that the numbers are not large but when he looked at those numbers from across the bed, they were “perfect, clear and neat.”

Mr. Valdes left us with these words “Oh God, I think this is gonna work!” That was with his vision at 20/30. He is now at 20/20.

We thank Mr. Valdes for sharing his amazing experience with us and for making it very easy to apply to all of our daily lives, all of us want to see our alarm clocks better!

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