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Our Retinal Specialist, Andrew Schimel, MD Is Featured on Ocular Surgery News!

Our very own retina guru at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care, Dr. Andrew Schimel, MD is featured on Ocular Surgery News! Please watch this video to hear his presentation on retinal or Posterior Segment Complications in Anterior Segment Surgery (cataract surgery). We are so proud and happy to have him as part of our dynamic team of incredible eye specialists!

Please click on the following link to visit Ocular Surgery News’s News Wire “Healio.com” and watch the full presentation:


Congratulations Dr. Schimel!

If you or a loved one needs a retina appointment or evaluation with Dr. Andrew Schimel, please call our office at 305-598-2020 to schedule an appointment today! Remember, you can also schedule a cataract evaluation with one of Dr. Schimel’s partners who specializes in cataract surgeries. All inquiries, please call 305-598-2020 and tell us how we can help you!