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“I no longer wear glasses!!!” A Laser Cataract Surgery Testimonial from Dr. Kaiser’s patient

When Ms. Rodriguez came in to see Dr. Charles Kaiser at our office in Miami just a couple months ago, she described her vision as “cloudy.”

It was “like looking through a dirty window or a dirty vase…but everything is clear now.”

That “cloudy” vision Ms. Rodriguez was suffering from, was all due to the cataracts forming in her eyes.

Ms. Rodriguez had been wearing bifocal glasses as well as reading glasses for years before her vision got this blurry because she had been myopic and always had astigmatism as well.

Before surgery she said she was extremely light sensitive but after her surgery she is not light sensitive whatsoever!

We asked Ms. Rodriguez about the day of surgery and she shared: “During surgery I was alert, but very calm with no nerves at all. The reason I was so calm is because I got updates and step by step insight about what was happening with my surgery from Dr. Kaiser! I was calm and happy all throughout.”

Ms. Rodriguez chose a new lens option that Dr. Kaiser highly recommends and has seen great results post operatively with his laser cataract patients. This lens is called the Symfony lens and helps patients see at various distances (near, middle, far). To read more about the Symfony lens you can check out our BLOG from last week about it! We are seeing patients with results like Ms. Rodriguez every single week!

The most intriguing part of our interview with Ms. Rodriguez was the grand finale. “I no longer wear glasses!!!” she exclaimed.

“I could use a cuticle cutter yesterday and could see perfectly fine, great from distance as well. I am so happy that lady in my clinic referred me to Dr. Kaiser, a word of mouth referral went a long way here!”

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