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Exciting, new Lens option for Cataract Patients to see near, middle and far after surgery!

The surgeons at The Center for Excellence in Eye Care work really hard to provide the best technology for our laser cataract surgery patients and we are so excited to be able to give our patients new options for IOLs (intraocular lenses) to help them see beautifully after surgery!

We are so happy to announce the Tecnis Symfony lens!

Approved by the FDA in July of 2016, The Tecnis Symfony intraocular lenses are the first of their kind.

Tecnis Symfony

Symfony lenses work to provide extended ranges of vision to patients along with crisp, clear, continuous vision. The goal of the Symfony technology is to allow patients to have clear vision at near, intermediate, and far distances with less dependence on their glasses

Symfony lenses are able to correct visual problems like presbyopia by making it easier for people to focus at close objects (or reading vision).

If you have been diagnosed with an astigmatism, this lens is a great option because it comes in both a toric and non-toric option!

The actual technology that allows for the an extended range of vision with the Symfony lenses also is reported to have a very low incidence of glare and halos post surgery.

Intraocular Symfony Lens

When it comes to the actual cataract surgery using the Symfony lens, keep in mind that it is the same process for all IOLs. The surgeon will remove the old, cloudy lens from the eye and will replace that old lens with the new lens.

Most lenses available will correct only for distance vision, but the Symfony lens works to create clear vision at all various distances (near, medium, far).

We are so excited to now offer the Tecnis Symfony lenses to our patients which we have already seen to be an incredible option for their vision and a huge step in cataract surgery for the field of ophthalmology! Call us today to make an appointment to see if you are a candidate for the Symfony lens at 305-598-2020!