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Ever woken up with a swollen, puffy eyelid? These are so uncomfortable. What do you do?

Ever wake up with a swollen, puffy eyelid? A tender, painful, swollen eyelid?

Ever wake up with a swollen, puffy eyelid? A tender, painful, swollen eyelid?

You definitely realize how important your eyes are and how obvious it will be to everyone at work that something is wrong with you!

For those of you who HAVE woken up like this, you know firsthand that these are uncomfortable and disturbing.
They usually happen due to an infection, an irritation, an eye allergy or a blocked oil gland or tear duct. The tissues that surround your eye build up fluid to fight off the infection and this is what causes that beautiful swelling.

Click on the THIS LINK for more about how to treat this, but an easy, warm compress is the #1 recommended treatment for this.

Of course, the treatment will depend upon the specific condition present. Some require warm or cold compresses, but others are more serious and may require antihistamines, antibiotics, or even surgery to heal.

Home remedies may provide relief, but if they do not work after a couple days, call us at 305-598-2020 or visit another healthcare professional!

Warm compress instructions:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly to prevent any bacteria from transferring to the already infected eye.
  2. Take a clean washcloth and fold it into quarters.
  3. Use a small bowl and fill with warm (preferably filtered) tap water
  4. Take the washcloth and submerge in the water
  5. Apply the hot washcloth to the eye area with your eye closed in 5 minute intervals. This may relieve some pain and pressure, and help the body release the infection.
    Do not just rinse out the washcloth, but run it through the laundry at a hot temperature to wash out to prevent further infection

For further help, or if the warm compress does not seem to be providing relief, please call our office to see one of our specialists at 305-598-2020 and get rid of that ugly, swollen, uncomfortable eyelid today!