Quality Vision CareFor Miami

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Center for Excellence in Eye Care! A True Celebration!

On July 1st 1996, we opened our doors as the Center for Excellence in Eye Care.

20 years later, we have helped thousands of patients with their vision.

A couple weeks ago, we closed up shop to host all our surgeons, doctors, technicians, administrator and staff at the Biltmore Hotel to celebrate this momentous occasion. We all watched a presentation that reminded us of all we have been through as a practice and many of us had tears of pride in our eyes.

Congratulations to all of the founders and the people who have made CEEC what it is today. We could not have done it without you. This team has looked into hundreds of thousands of Miami resident’s eyes, diagnosed, treated, healed and operated to make Miami see better. Thank you to every single one of you, you have changed so many lives!

A little history:

6 practices came together…
12 surgeons which included…

Dr. Carlos Buznego
Dr. Eugene Eisner
Dr. Jerome Fisher
Dr. Jack Gabay
Dr. Gerald Pinnas
Dr. David Kasner
Dr. Louis Kasner
Dr. Warren Lieberman
Dr. Pedro Lopez
Dr. Richard Simon
Dr. Frank Spektor
Dr. Henry Trattler

And last but not least, one administrator: Lesley Spektor.

A year later, we welcomed Dr. Louis Kasner and Dr. William Trattler!

Then in 2005, we welcomed, Dr. Lourdes Casuso, Dr. Charles Kaiser, and Dr. Junhee Lee!

In June of 2005, we welcomed Dr. Carolina Pedroletti, OD.

And in the last few recent years we have gained 3 gems: Dr. Cristobal Cruz Colon, Dr. Gaston Lacayo, Dr. Andrew Schimel.

And we keep growing! With two part time optometrists: Dr. Patrisa Tare and Dr. Morvarid Fallahzadeh!

We have renovated and remodeled but some things and some faces never change.
We have given patients great news and received thanks…
We have looked at hundreds of thousands of eyes…and performed surgery on them!
We learned new technology together
We ran together (at the Corporate Runs), ate dinner together, had lunch together…
We saved the world together and gave back to the world together (even while on Vacation)…went to Peru on a mission trip together,
We have won awards together (a LOT of awards)
We have taught together (lectured at multiple worldwide forums)
We have celebrated together..from birthdays, to weddings, to new babies, to Halloweens to all holidays!
We got published together…
From surgery to humans to surgery on gorillas at Metro Zoo, we made headlines together (even in Spanish) and shared the headlines together!
From then until Now, we have done it all together.

We want to thank the South Florida community as for trusting us in the care of your eyesight.

We also want to especially thank every single doctor in the South Florida community that has ever entrusted us with the care of their patients. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you in helping them with their eye needs.

We could not have done this all without you and our team thanks you for your faith in us.

Cheers to everyone involved and we can’t wait for the next 20 more!

Here are some photos of the event to share with all of you who were not able to be there!

Our Doctors (unedited…)

Our Doctors (edited…) Dr. Simon and Dr. Gabay were there in spirit (and photoshop thanks to Dr. Spektor)

Some of our incredible Staff..
It’s really hard to fit 114 People into one photo!!!


Our Staff

Our West Kendall team (Drs. and Staff)!
Our West Kendall team (Drs. and Staff)!

Lesley, our fearless leader leading off the festivities with a wonderful message from Dr. Gabay

Dr. Henry Trattler, one of our founders, also delivering a beautiful message! (with some amazing history!)


All of our doctors with our Administrator!