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Dr. Cruz Colon Leads the way for June’s Mission Trip to Peru

On Saturday, Dr. Cristobal Cruz Colon left to prepare for an incredible mission trip to Chulucana, Peru.

He has taken 500 pairs of glasses, a large supply of eye drops and surgery supplies with him to help the needs of this community. He will be performing pre-op evaluations before he returns to Peru June 5-12 to perform surgery along with his other 2 partners – Dr. Jack Gabay and Dr. Louis Kasner.

All 3 of our superstars will be helping the needs of this lovely community in Peru along with physicians of other specialties. Eye care is one of the areas with the most need there.
What a beautiful thing to give back to the world when you have a special skill that can help so many!
Join us in wishing Dr. Cruz Colon a safe trip and we will report back to you when the June mission is in effect!

Cris Cruz Colon