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Dr. Buznego is featured in 100 Latinos!

The Center for Excellence’s very own Dr. Carlos Buznego is recognized and featured as one of the 100 LATINOS exhibit!

100 Latinos is a project that identifies and recognizes a group of individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds and age groups in the South Florida area, and who by virtue of their talent and success contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the region.

This project is on display in a photographic exhibit entitled “100 Latinos Miami” that is open to the public in Miami’s busiest terminal in Miami’s International Airport. The exhibit features 100 current-day Latino singers, painters, athletes, musicians, designers, doctors, journalists, bankers, academics, businessmen and more. All of these nominees live in Miami and have one thing in common: their willingness to use their talents to contribute to the progress of our beautiful city.

100 Latinos Miami Exhibit

This exhibit shows the faces of “Miami-ans” who have achieved professional success by hard work and who have given back to our city.

We are so proud and would like to congratulate Dr. Buznego in being nominated and chosen for such an honorable award. Congratulations Dr. B! We couldn’t think of anyone better!

For a full list of the special professionals recognized and more about where to find the 100 Latinos exhibit please visit:


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