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NFL Players and Pro Athletes: LASIK in the Offseason

The NFL has held its first-ever virtual draft this week. One story that has captured a ton of interest and buzz during the off-season was Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ current (but maybe not too much longer) QB Jameis Winston’s decision to have LASIK. He joins other prominent NFL players (like Tiki Barber, Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins)… Read More

Contact Lenses Flushed in Toilets Causing Massive Pollution Crisis

A very recent online article by the Daily Mail has reported that more than 780 million used plastic contact lenses in the United Kingdom are being disposed of every single year. 97% of those 780 million are either thrown in the trash or flushed away instead of being recycled. Why should we care?   This… Read More

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LASIK before Spring Break? All your LASIK questions answered.

If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about how amazing spring break will be.  And if you are in south Florida like us, you will likely be hanging near the water, maybe even ON the water, on a boat, snorkeling, in a beach, by a pool…got you in the mood yet? Well, none of the… Read More