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LASIK proven to be SAFEST and most successful elective procedure in the world!

We have been waiting for years to be able to share these amazing statistics with you!

According to a recent article, of all the potential elective surgeries in the world – LASIK surgery has officially been named the safest, most studied and most successful!  LASIK has highest patient satisfaction rate that has continually improved over the last twenty years.

The most recent peer-reviewed analysis of worldwide scientific literature for LASIK shows the satisfaction rate for the procedure is up to 98% and nearly 90% of patients achieve 20/20 vision, according to a speaker at The American Academy of Ophthalmology that concluded this previous weekend in New Orleans.

The PROWL-1 study showed 97.5% of patients achieved 20/20 vision or better, while the PROWL-2 study showed 91.5% of patients achieved 20/20 vision or better.

The effects after surgery that mostly everyone was worried about before all of this research came out included: glare, halo, ghosting and starbursts.

These recent studies have found that the prevalence of all of these effects were found less after LASIK with no correction than they were with a patient’s best correction with glasses or contact lenses before LASIK surgery. These conclusions prove the opposite of what we used to fear about LASIK; the surgery can actually be considered a cure for ghosting, glare, halos and starbursts!

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