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Standard Cataract Surgery vs. Laser Cataract Surgery: 1 patient, 2 eyes, 2 experiences

Three years ago, Juan had cataract surgery the regular way. When his second eye got diagnosed with a cataract a few months ago, Juan had a whole different experience in surgery with a new laser.

Juan, a successful and experienced mariachi singer came to Dr. Buznego in November of 2010 with blurry vision and was told he needed cataract surgery. On that day however, he was not given the options he was given a couple months ago. It was either the standard surgery or none. He had his surgery and continued his singing as before.

When it became time for his second eye, he noticed blurry vision, trouble reading the music during his concerts and performances and that he could no longer drive well at night. The streetlights bothered him.

To his surprise this time around, he was given an option…the option to have a laser cataract surgery procedure instead which he opted for. As Dr. Buznego explained to Juan that day, laser cataract surgery has changed the standard cataract extraction procedure by assisting in several steps.

When removing the cataract, the laser makes several incisions in the eye. These incisions are programmed into the laser to match each patients’ individual eye measurements and some of these incisions can also correct astigmatism. When a patient elects a multifocal intraocular lens (lens that helps you see at various distances, near/far) for surgery, the laser is also able to ensure a more accurate placement/result than a standard procedure. The highly advanced imaging of this laser helps the doctor see everything happening during surgery in an incredibly calculated manner.

Standard cataract surgery is still an accurate procedure and is still performed every day, however, with technology comes amazing advancements, and consequently, better, newer options like this laser.

Also, when dealing with someone who counts on their vision for their art, like Juan in his singing, you can only imagine there is a lot of pressure to help him see!

Much to his delight, Juan recalls his second surgery finishing a lot quicker than the surgery he had a few years ago. He also remembers less discomfort.

However, what he notices most, is his vision NOW. He can read his music, drive at night, and this is all 2 weeks after surgery!

Just like all fields of medicine, ophthalmology is always advancing and progressing. Patients today are so lucky to have an option for laser cataract surgery. We are lucky to have surgeons specialized in this procedure and to have such a fantastic laser at our disposal here in our surgery center.

If you want to learn more about laser cataract surgery please visit our laser cataract surgery page.

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