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Seeing life differently after being dead for 4 minutes: A Patient’s Personal Story

Tom was a Police officer and paramedic in NYC until a life changing accident occurred where he was actually dead for 4 minutes.

In 1994, Tom went to see an ophthalmologist for a vision correction evaluation and he was told to hold off on eye surgery because a new, better technology (LASIK) was in the works. Two years later he was told his corneas were too thin for LASIK at that time and that there was something called an “interior contact lens” which was being studied.

While on duty, Tom was escorting a high profile political person on motorcycle when he got hit dead-on by a car going 60 MPH. After being ejected from the motorcycle and pronounced dead for 4 minutes, Tom was brought back to life and is now living his life with a new perspective to appreciate every single moment.

He retired in 2008 and moved to Miami Beach in 2010. He explained to us how he was so dependent on contact lenses which really bothered him when it came to all the water activities he liked to do, especially living on the beach. He was at a pool party when someone jumped in and lost their contact lenses. Their vision was so bad (like Tom’s) that they had to completely leave the party because they could not function without their contacts. After watching his friend go through this, Tom decided to come in June to see Dr. Spektor about fixing his vision.

Dr. Spektor explained during his consultation that his corneas used to be considered “too thin” for refractive surgery a few years ago but this was no longer true because of technological advancements. We can now do LASIK or PRK on patients with much thinner corneas than we used to be able to treat. The only problem was that Tom’s myopia was higher than what the lasers are approved to correct. At consultation, Tom’s eyes were at -10.00 and -9.00.

Dr. Spektor told him “If I were you, I would definitely go with ICL”. They talked about the positives and negatives of ICL surgery. He remembers thinking he liked the idea that it was reversible (unlike LASIK) so he could go back to his “old eyes” if something wasn’t right and he liked that there is no actual removal or “cutting off” of anything from his eye.

Tom was ready while sitting in that exam chair and scheduled his surgery on the first available date.

When he came in for surgery in August of 2013, he remembers being “psyched, not nervous”. This is different from most patients but it makes sense considering what he has been through surgically in the past! Tom’s most memorable moment of the surgery was immediately after when he shocked our nursing staff by reading every single one of their name badges!

He remembers the procedure only took 7 minutes and that he felt a little irritation and saw halos after surgery. He compared the discomfort to the sensation of a hair in his eye but the fact that he was 20/20 so quickly post-operatively really says it all. Halos are a very normal after-effect of refractive surgery whether it be post PRK, LASIK or ICL. Our brains naturally adapt and those halos will no longer be visible.

At his post op appointment, day 1 after surgery with Dr. Spektor, Tom was 20/20 without contacts. Tom went forward with eye number 2 a week later. With ICL’s surgeons will do one eye at a time.

Tom said he cannot wait to be diving in the Keys without having to worry about contact lenses. He will have nothing to worry about inside of his snorkel mask other than his own eyes. He will be free!

What a story and what an outcome. Thank you so much Tom for choosing us to help with your vision and for sharing your unbelievable story with us!!! Dr. Spektor and everyone at the center is so happy to have helped you see life better after the miracle you experienced a few years ago.

Click on this link to learn more about the Visian ICL as an option for LASIK.

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