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Laser Cataract Surgeon Dr. Bill Trattler is featured in Resource Magazine

We are always honored when our doctors are recognized for their phenomenal research, work and patient care, but when a surgeon’s patients actually give their personal success stories, we are even more flattered.

Laser Cataract Surgeon Dr. Bill Trattler is featured in Resource Magazine

Dr. Bill Trattler is featured as a laser cataract surgeon in the new issue of Resource Magazine! Two of Dr. Trattler’s patients give their experience and one patient’s full laser cataract experience is featured. The article discusses the LENSAR new laser technology and the patients discuss their pre/post operative vision issues, recoveries, etc. Click on this link to view the full article!

Patient Patricia mentions how she never realized that having cataract surgery could actually change someone’s mood for the better. She is quoted in the magazine as saying “It’s like going from a cloudy day to one filled with sunshine.” Patricia also explains that within a week after surgery she had gone back to the tennis court with the tennis ball in much sharper focus. She won her match and made valuable shots.

From Clouds to Sunshine

Dr. Trattler explains the new femtosecond laser technology, what the differences are between traditional cataract surgery and the new laser procedure, how it can increase the accuracy in visual outcomes and affect lens positioning/placement. He is quoted as saying “there’s potential for less swelling of the cornea and a patient can achieve faster visual recovery.” Dr. Trattler also explains how the new laser is an improvement in the technique and the article successfully helps explain the process of how a cataract is removed and replaced.

The other patient featured in the article mentions “I was so impressed that I asked to speed up the surgery date for my other eye. [and] Now I can watch TV, read and use the computer without glasses.”

We truly want to thank these two patients, Resource magazine for choosing Dr. Trattler and of course Dr. Trattler himself for giving his patients the visual outcomes they’ve dreamed about!

If you or a loved one has blurred vision or has been diagnosed with a cataract, please call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Trattler or any of our other talented laser cataract surgeons at our center at 305-598-2020!

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