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“I thought I knew how to clean well”…A patient testimonial about the Advantages & Disadvantages of Cataract Surgery

About a month ago Bonnie was sitting in the back seat of a car on the way to lunch with a couple of her friends when everyone realized…they were lost.

They were all saying “where is the restaurant?” “It’s around here somewhere?”, and from the back seat, Bonnie points and says “the restaurant is right over there”. The car got quiet and everyone looked back at Bonnie. “You could see THAT sign?”

She had just had surgery 3 days before that lunch, and SHE was the one pointing everyone in the right direction.

This experience is common after cataract surgery, but not a common feeling for Bonnie who has worn glasses since the age of 5.

When Bonnie came in to see Dr. Charles Kaiser at our Center in 2012, she could not see a thing as she had a very mature cataract in her right eye. She remembers being nervous and apprehensive during that surgery because she had never had surgery in her life. It was Bonnie’s very first surgery ever.

She had to wait over a year for her other cataract to mature, but when it did, June of 2013, she had her second cataract surgery with TORIC lenses and has achieved almost 20/20 vision. She does not wear glasses!

She says surgery #2 was a breeze as she knew what to expect after her first. Bonnie chose to have TORIC lens implants which you can read more about if you click on this webpage. You can read more about other lens options here.

Although there are a multitude of advantages to cataract surgery, like sharper vision, brighter colors, and helping your friends find restaurants, there are some downsides. Bonnie mentioned “I thought I knew how to clean my house pretty well before surgery. After I got back from my second cataract surgery and cleaned, I looked around and thought to myself…well gee, NOT so good, look what I missed!”

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